Our Mission

To bring hope, love, and freedom to all who live with a hole in their soul brought on by sexual, physical, or emotional abuse.

This page was created to let you know who we are.  It is not to cause pain or place blame on anyone.  It is to let you know that you can live with freedom from the shame of abuse.

My name is Julie and this is my story……..

God spoke to me in November of 2008, when our Sunday School Class started studying a John Ortberg book.  In the book there is a chapter on prayer and the importance of spending Quality Quiet Time with God.  Ortberg suggested starting out with five minutes a day, in a quiet place to see what would happen.   The beach is where I really feel God’s presence.  Shortly after I began doing this, God pressed upon me to end a relationship in which I was involved.  After ending the relationship I relocated.

From November until February, I broke the routine of having my Quiet Time with God.  I let the Holiday Season take over and I shelved God.

On February 23rd, I went to the beach with the intention of starting out the New Year with God.  But this morning, I was different in my approach to Him.  Instead of Thanking, Praising, then asking for needs, I Praised and Thanked Him.  I thanked Him for the many blessings in my life…my parents, children and grandchildren, my siblings and their families, and my friends, my health and the list goes on.   I held back nothing that morning. I bared my heart and soul to God that day.  I recommitted my life to Him.  I told God that I would do whatever He wanted me to do where ever He wanted it done.

That morning, as I was completing my quiet time, a whole Sand Dollar washed up at my feet from the gulf.  It was at that moment I knew that God had heard my praises and prayers.  I knew that my life was never going to be the same.

God has been graciously and tenderly cleaning up my life since then.  I am now able to face the last forty years.

I had my innocence taken from me between the ages of twelve and thirteen.  Eight months ago I was able to come to terms with this.  God has worked a miracle in my life since this revelation.  I have confronted the person responsible and have received an apology.  Now I have the freedom to be the child God created me to be.  I am thankful because I know we do not always get the answers or confirmations that we seek.

If you have come upon this page…….maybe it is Devine Intervention.

Please join the Sand Dollar journey.  We are “soul Sisters” seeking brothers and sisters to help Anyone living in bondage and with holes in their souls from the pain and the shame of abuse.

Be patient with our website.  We are asking God to open doors, so join with us and see where He takes us.